Tippet Venture Partners

Andy Sheehan

General Partner

Tippet Venture Partners

755 Page Mill Rd., suite A200

Palo Alto CA 94304

650 493 5600


Tippet Venture Partners (TVP) seeks to invest with great management teams that are pursuing innovative solutions to problems in large markets

Tippet is an integral component of flyfishing. Tippet connects the flyline leader to the fly. Without the right tippet the fisherman will be less successful and lose many fish. Tippet comes in several strengths and sizes. The size of tippet is expressed in X sizes, with 6x and 7x being the thinnest and 1x and 2x being the strongest. The choice of which tippet to use involves a tradeoff; finer tippets are less visible to the fish, resulting in more strikes, but are more easily broken. 

Patient capital for entrepreneurs that want to build leading companies